GCNU1016 Mathematics Around Us

雖然我不是科學系或數學系同學,但不難掌握課程內容。課程不單教授數學知識,更加將數學與日常生活相連,令學習變得有趣。當中教授的課題有︰“Are you making sense?”;Symbolic Logic;Geometry and Proof, Natural and Imaginary world;以及”Powerful mathematics?”。議題都十分有趣,而且十分貼身,對於解決生活中面對的邏輯問題亦有幫助。Mathematics Around Us是很值得推介的科目。
(Translation) Though I am not a Science/Math student, the course content is not difficult for me to understand. This course is more than teaching mathematics knowledge. It also ties mathematics to our daily life issues. That makes learning a lot more and fun. The course topics include “Are you making sense?”; Symbolic Logic; Geometry and Proof, Natural and Imaginary world; and “Powerful mathematics?”. All of them were very interesting and closely related to our daily matters. They also help solve the logic problems we encounter in daily life. “Mathematics Around Us” is definitely worth recommendations.

Recommended by:
Alice Lei