GCNU1016 Mathematics Around Us

另一方面,課程中會介紹到一些著名學者,講師以幽默的方式述說他們的事蹟,非常吸引,讓我們知道這些數學家並不只是日計夜計的怪物,而是對數學充滿熱情的天才人物。(註︰迦羅瓦真的很有型! *v*)
(Translation) There is an old saying in Chinese “Those who didn’t visit the Great Wall, they are not good men”. At the beginning of the class, the lecturer used this old saying as an example of logical thinking. Maybe we know that the saying doesn’t necessarily mean that “those who went to the Great Wall are good men”, but we may not be able to prove it clearly with mathematical reasoning. Part of this course taught us how to clear doubts or solve problems in our daily-life with mathematic methods. The theories introduced in class were not very difficult. Non-MATH schoolmates won’t find it hard to follow.
Besides, this course also taught about several famous mathematicians. The lecturer talked about their achievements in a humorous way. It’s very enjoyable. After studying this course, we know that the great mathematicians are not freaks, but geniuses passionate to Math. (p.s. Galois is so cool! *v*)

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