GCLA1005 University Chinese 大學中文


(Translation) “University Chinese” covers 3 modules, from basic to advanced level. Since I have never tried debating before, I was so stressful when teachers talked about the 2nd module – Chinese debate. Yet, when I started to prepare for the real debate to be held in week 13, I realized that I can do it. Debating is just like an advanced level of critical reading.

But for my favourite part, it must be the 3rd module – common wording mistakes and problematic sentences. Started with meaning of words, the teacher explained the reasons for common mistakes in Chinese wordings. For the problematic sentences, we first learnt about sentence structure, and then we looked into the common grammatical mistakes we encountered in our daily lives. This made it easier for us to learn the methods to avoid such mistakes.

Before the lessons, I thought “University Chinese” is for those who are bad in Chinese. But now, I realize that there are still so much more for us to learn and explore about Chinese language.

Recommended by:
Jason Cheng, a Year 1 student from COMM