GCIT1007 IT and Digital Media

和其他的資訊科技的科目大同小異,修讀這科目會學到一些基本的軟件如Microsoft Office、Adobe Creative Suite等,但我最喜愛的是製作網頁的部份。製作網頁很多時候需要自行撰寫網頁碼,若像我般本來沒有相關知識的,要從頭學起是很難的事。但此科目介紹了一個可以「所見即所得」的網頁製作平台(wix.com)。完全毋須網頁知識,放進文字、圖片、YouTube短片等,在製作過程中看到的便等如最終公開網頁時的外觀。製作的網頁看起來頗為專業,而且服務完全免費,令撰寫網頁此等看似遙不可及的技術變得容易。對製作網頁感興趣而又無從入手的同學,這科目有如度身訂造一樣!
(Translation) Similar to the other IT courses, students will learn some basic software, e.g. Microsoft Office、Adobe Creative Suite, etc. What I like best is the part of website design. To create a website, sometimes we need to write the codes ourselves. For those who know nothing about, like me, it’s so difficult to learn everything starting at the very beginning. But in this course, students are introduced to a platform of website design called “what you see is what you get” (wix.com). It does not require any knowledge in website design. User can simple insert the words, pictures, YouYube clips, etc to create the website. In the process, you can always preview how the website will look like at the end. The website produced by using this platform looks professional and the service is completely free of charge. This makes website design so much easier. Even for those who find website design boring or difficult, they can still tailor-make their dream websites!

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