GCIT1005 Essential IT for Enterprises and SoHo

這科目提供營商環境的概括觀念,講述資訊科技帶來的商機,以及怎樣利用資訊科技來成立SOHO,即是小型辦公室或居家辦公室。現在香港寸金尺土,在2011年,全球零售商舖租金報告中,香港更蟬聯第二,緊次於紐約。將來若想做生意,在家創業是個不錯的選擇。而這一科不但教授如何運用不同的軟件,例如:於網上營運及推廣生意、管理生意伙伴的資料、利用空白表格程式 (spreadsheet) 和數據庫 (database) 處理生意上的資料等,也會教授避免問題發生的知識,如版權、網絡安全等。想創一番事業或是想當經理,這些商業的基本知識是不可或缺的。即使只想生活安定,難保他朝不會出現不想一輩子替人工作的想法,所以我推介這科目。

(Translation) This course introduces the concepts about business environment and the business opportunities that IT brings. We learnt how to build a SOHO, which means a small-scale office or home office. Nowadays in HK, the price of land is so high. According to a global survey in 2011, for 2 consecutive years, HK had the second highest rent of retailing areas in the world, just after New York. If students would like to start their own business in the future, home office will not be a bad choice. And in this course, teachers introduced different useful software and taught us how to run and promote the business online, handle data of business partners, manage business data with spreadsheet and database, and avoid crisis regarding copyright, network security, etc. If you wish to start your business or be a manager, these basic knowledge is essential. Who knows whether we will decide to have our own business someday, so I highly recommend this course to all of you.

Recommended by:

Amanda Lam, Year 1 student from BBA (ACCT)