GCIT1005 Essential IT for Enterprises and SoHo

“Essential IT for Enterprises and SoHo”這一科結合了很多資訊科技與商業的元素。學生可以為自己設計的公司製作一個網頁和橫額,我個人十分喜歡這個部份,因為現今很多大學生在畢業後也會自己創業。由於我不是主修資訊科技,未能有足夠的知識開辦網上買賣網站,但從GCIT1005所學的足夠讓學生設計一個基本的網頁。另外,這一科也包括了Photoshop、Access、Excel等軟件的教學,對將來從事商業的學生有很大的幫助。當中Photoshop是現今學生應該認識的軟件,因此我極力推介學生修讀。

(Translation) “Essential IT for Enterprises and SoHo” integrates many IT and business elements. Students will create a website and a banner for the company they design. I like this part very much, since many university students will start their own businesses after graduation. Since my major is not IT, I didn’t have adequate knowledge to set up an online trading website. But I’m able to build a basic website with what I’ve learnt from GCIT1005. Besides, this course teaches software like Photoshop, Access, Excel, etc., which are very useful for students who will enter the business field. Photoshop in particular is so common that every student should know how to use, so I strongly recommend students to take this course.

Recommended by:

Tiffany Ylt