GCHC1057 Chinese Popular Music: Its Cultural and Musical Meanings

  除了中期測驗外,老師要求我們做了一個填詞並演唱表演、一個小組專題報告及一篇論文。功課量看起來挺多,但這科不用考試 😉 重要的是,完成了以上的功課,學到的知識比考試得著還要多,值得推介!

(Translation) In this course, we learnt history through listening to music. I realized that lyrics, composition styles and themes all have some implications related to the society.
The teacher spent lots of time on pre-class preparation. She introduced students to both old and new pop songs in details. For those who are interested in pop music should take this course. While the teacher explained the meaning and music elements, we understand and appreciate pop music more and more.
Apart from Mid-term, students are required to perform a song with lyrics re-written by ourselves, do a group presentation and an essay. The workload seems heavy but there is no exam. And most importantly, through completing these assignments, we learnt much more than just taking an exam. This course is highly recommended!

Recommended by:
Fan Lee