GCHC1057 Chinese Popular Music: Its Cultural and Musical Meanings

由於我在中學時有修讀音樂,但流行音樂的涉獵則略為皮毛,故此選修了此課程。課程對近代的廣東音樂有深入的介紹,從「Canton Pop」一詞的起源、歌詞的好壞、樂曲的分析、曲風等均有提及。這個課程令我聽歌時更加注意如曲風、歌詞的連貫性等音樂元素。

(Translation) I studied music in secondary school but I had only very limited training in pop music, so I took this course. Started from the word “Canton Music”, this course has a very throughout introduction to contemporary Canton music. We learnt about the quality of song lyrics, composition analysis, song styles, etc. After I took this course, when I listen to songs, I pay more attention on the music elements, such as the song styles, the consistency of lyrics, etc.
In the course, we have to submit 2 assignments – “old song with new lyrics” and a group presentation. “Old song with new lyrics” lets us put what we’ve learnt in practice. We realized that it requires very high techniques to write meaningful lyrics without grammatical mistakes. For the group presentation, we chose “derivative work” as our topic, which is not covered by the course. We researched on the topic ourselves which allowed us to learn more after the lessons.

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Jason Cheng, a Year 1 student from COMM