GCHC1017 Gender Issues in Imperial Chinese History

  ”Gender Issues in Imperial Chinese History”是有關中國古代與女性的學科。雖然現今的社會注重經濟的發展,而主修公商管理的學生也可能較重視與主修科有關的學習,但身為女生,也應該對女性在古代的各種遭遇有所認識,再繼續推動平等機會。這科目不但可以令我增加對古代女性在過往的經歷的認識,也可以增加對現今社會的關心。
(Translation) “Gender Issues in Imperial Chinese History” is about ancient China and female. Although economic development has placed high priority now, and BBA students often focus on major courses, as a female, I think I ought to have a picture of how women were treated in the past, and continue to strive for gender equality. This course not only enabled me to know more about women’s experience in ancient China, but also made me care more about the society now.
Don’t assume this course is just for female students. It also talks about the education of men in the old days. And the advocators of gender equality were men! So this course is suitable for everyone. Highly recommended!

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