GCHC1015 Culture and Everyday life in Modern China (1840-1949)

(Translation) Though this course, we know more about the history of modern china in different aspects, including food, housing, clothing and transportation. Before going into course content, we first leant about the issue of “culture and civilization”. You know what? The story of Cinderella long existed in ancient China!
A major reason why I like this course is because of the teacher, Prof. Chow Kai Wing. He is so erudite and he tried his very best to share his experience and knowledge with us, not just on academic side, but also on life. In every lesson, Prof. Chow prepared lecture handouts for us. It is really touching when you see a respected professor like him carried heavy stacks of notes, slowly walks to the classroom. Besides, he shared his works with us too. He once went to Japan for study exchange, so he knows both Chinese history and Japanese. Also, he told us interesting stories vividly, from Hong Kong, China to Japan, from ancient period to nowadays.
Studying this course, you don’t have to be an expert of history. You don’t have to memorize anything by rote. What you need is just a passionate heart to learning and a pair of willing-to-listen ears. Talking about the exam, it’s really flexible. Out of 4 topics, you can choose any 2 topics you are interested and state your opinion. It’s not difficult. This course is absolutely a good course and Prof. Chow is really a good, model teacher.

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