General Education Office

Guided by the General Education (GE) Committee on matters of policy, the GE Office is responsible for:

    • Providing administrative support to the GE Committee and GE course providers in overseeing and evaluating GE endeavours;
    • Serving as a resource and central mechanism for the University in developing and sustaining innovative and dynamic curriculum in GE;
    • Conducting quality assurance work on the design and delivery of GE courses, and to assess student learning outcomes in the GE Programme;
    • Fostering faculty development through consultation and professional workshops in teaching of GE;
    • Providing assistance and advice to students on GE;
    • Engaging students in GE through various kinds of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities; and
  • Communicating and collaborating with outside parties on matters related to GE.

Staff Information

Prof Chiu Sung Nok
Director of GE
Contact: 3411 7020 /
Dr Angela Tse
Assistant Director
Contact: 3411 2012 /
Mr Derek Lam
Assistant Manager (Engagement and Learning)
Contact: 3411 2001 /
Miss Alice Wong
Programme Coordinator
Contact: 3411 2013 /
Miss Yanki Law
Executive Officer
Contact: 3411 6478 /
Miss Jacqueline Chik
Assistant Officer
Contact: 3411 2049 /
Miss Hazel Chow
Assistant Officer
Contact: 3411 2014 /
Miss Jessie Fung
Assistant Officer
Contact: 3411 2864 /
Miss Gigi Cheng
Assistant Officer
Contact: 3411 2106 /
Miss Kitson Lee
Assistant Officer
Contact: 3411 6408 /