New Policy on Taking Interdisciplinary General Education (IGE) Courses

Please be informed that starting from the 2017/18 academic year, all undergraduate students will be allowed to take more than one Interdisciplinary General Education (IGE) course to fulfill the 12-unit Distribution Requirements of the GE Programme.

Under the current Distribution Requirements, the identified areas of learning include: Arts, Business, Communication/Visual Arts, Science/Chinese Medicine and Social Sciences. Students are required to take one course in each of the four areas outside of their own Faculty/School/Academy, for a total of 12 units.

The new policy will allow students to take IGE courses from 3 units to 12 units to fulfill the above Distribution Requirements. IGE courses are listed for two areas of learning (i.e. with two course codes starting with GDXX18XX or GDXX19XX). Students have to decide which area (outside of their own Faculty/School/Academy) they would like the course to fulfill.

In addition to the 38 required GE units, students can take a maximum of 6 units of GE courses (including IGE courses) from any categories as Free Electives.

Please refer to the webpage at for the GE requirements, and for the details of the IGE courses.

For enquiries, please contact Ms. Alice Lo at or 3411 2012.

General Education Office

20 Jul 2017