Placement in NGOs!

GDBU1956 / GDSS1956 Service Leadership Practicum

In Semester 2 of AY2016/17, the Department of Marketing will offer a new interdisciplinary GE course, GDBU1956 / GDSS1956 Service Leadership Practicum. This course is specially designed under the Service Leadership Education Project of GE to provide students with a guided self-discovery learning experience.

Unlike other GE courses, the main component of this course is to provide service in a placement in a non-profit organization. In prior to placement, 3 briefing lectures on campus will equip you what you need to know.

You will be able to:

  •  strengthen your leadership capabilities  through active learning;
  •  build a sense of social responsibility and commitment  that is essential to your future career;
  •  earn 3 credit units  to fulfill your graduation requirement;
  • Fulfill one of the GE Distribution Requirements of your choice:  Business, Social Sciences or Free Elective .

This course will be registered through an online form, instead of Buniport pre-registration exercise. The whole selection and matching process will be finished before the pre-registration period.

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Application Procedures & Details

25 Oct (Tue) –
1 Nov (Tue) 2016
Application period

  • Fill in the form with all the necessary information
  • Upload your CV in word/pdf format (max. 2 pages) to the system
  • Application after 11:59pm, 1 Nov (Tue) 2016 will not be considered.
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1-17 Nov 2016 Matching Process

  • Students will be matched to partnering NGOs according to students’ interest and abilities.
  • NGOs may contact the applicants for placement arrangement.
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18-21 Nov 2016 Release of Results

  • Applicants will be notified of the results, and
  • They will be automatically enrolled in the GE course during the pre-registration period.

Know more about the course:

Course Syllabus
Please refer to the course syllabus for details.
Download the course syllabus
Presentation Slides of the Briefing Session
You may refer to the presentation slides of the briefing session, which was held on 24 Oct 2016.


General Education Office (GEO)
Contact person: Ms. Alice Lo
Phone: 3411-2012
Department of Marketing (MKT)
Contact person: Ms. Ko