“GE Share” Award Scheme
「依家就 Share: GE Share 大募集」


GE Share Award Scheme

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 「GE Share」計劃目的 

「依家就Share: GE Share大募集」旨在鼓勵浸大學生反思在課堂內外獲得的通識教育體驗,並且透過電子學習檔案 (E-portfolio) 與其他人分享所感所想。



曾參加的通識教育處舉辦的活動,例如:GE Off Campus、通識領袖工房、街頭足球在浸大、通識紛Fun選、浪浪新鮮浪浪FUN:從大浪西灣事件看郊野可持續發展
 甚麼是電子學習檔案 (E-portfolio)? 

電子學習檔案 (E-portfolio) 是一個有條理地展示個人或一個組織的成就、反思和想法的電子履歷表。相對於傳統的履歷表,E-portfolio 能配合超連結和多媒體的運用,如影片、聲效和圖像等,以更全面、更互動的方式來介紹一個人的個性。你可以隨時更新你的E-portfolio,並與世界各地的讀者分享。E-portfolio的靈活性高且易於修改,你可以時常記錄你的通識教育體驗,以及並反思及分享這些體驗如何幫助提升你的全人發展、職業專業和個人生活。



"GE Share" Overview & Eligibility


The “GE Share” Award Scheme is designed to encourage HKBU students to reflect on General Education (GE) experiences inside and outside classrooms and to share thoughts with others through an e-portfolio.

 What are GE experiences? 

GE experiences include:

GE courses (Core Requirements and Distribution Requirements) that you studied;
Activities held by the GE Office, e.g. GE Off Campus/ GE Leaders Achievement Scheme (GELAS)/ Street Soccer at HKBU;
Other experiences from courses/ activities/ daily life which are related to GE (e.g. watching a thought-provoking video during a major lesson/ joining a cultural exchange tour in Taiwan / seeing an advertisement when walking on the street).
 What is an e-portfolio? 

An e-portfolio is an organized collection of electronic evidence, usually used to showcase the achievements, reflections and ideas of a person or an organization. Compared to traditional paper portfolios, with the use of hyperlinks and multimedia such as videos, audios and images, an e-portfolio is a more comprehensive and interactive means to introduce one’s personality. It can be easily updated and shared to target readers around the world. With the flexibility of e-portfolios, you are able to keep track of your GE experiences and how GE experiences enhance your whole person development as well as your professional and personal lives.

 Who can join this scheme? 

All HKBU UGC-funded undergraduate students are eligible to join.

查詢 Enquiries︰ge@hkbu.edu.hk / 3411 2864 (Shirley)