University Life Programme

(For Undergraduate Students Admitted In AY2012/13)

All students admitted in AY2012/13 are required to take the non-credit bearing University Life (U-Life) Programme as a graduation requirement. The course codes are:

U.L. 1121-2 for the 3-year cohort; and

ULIF 1008-9 for the 4-year cohort.

Workshops and activities in this programme aim to enhance students’ capabilities to face challenges and find solutions that come from academic or work environment. After completing this programme, students should be able to:

CAT-ILO 1. Acquire the skills and knowledge that help them adapt to the new life at the University;
CAT-ILO 2. Examine issues of academic integrity and global citizenship with an awareness of their communities;
CAT-ILO 3. Develop leadership skills, communication skills and team work spirit that can be applied to their daily life;
CAT-ILO 4. Plan activities that foster their academic and professional development;
CAT-ILO 5. Evidence a better understanding of the Whole Person Education and the Graduate Attributes of the University.

You are highly recommended to finish the programme as soon as possible to avoid penalties.



The requirements of the programme are as follows:

  1. University Life Orientation Workshops
  2. At least 8 Co-curricular Learning items
  3. Academic Advising/Mentoring Sessions (6-10 hours)
  4. Academic Integrity Online Tutorial (for students admitted in 2012/13)

Requirement #1
U-Life Orientation Workshops (UOW)

You are required to attend all the workshops listed below.

  • UOW 1 – Personal Transformation Workshop
  • UOW 2 – University Expectations
  • UOW 3 – IT and research skills

Students who failed to attend any of them during orientation, or were late for more than 15 minutes, are required to complete online exercises before the end of 4th semester of study.

The make-up arrangement of UOW is as follows:

Make-up Arrangement of UOW
  • UOW 1 – (A)
  • UOW 2 – (B)
  • UOW 3 – (C) and (D)
You are required to write a reflective paper and submit it to the Counselling and Development Centre of the Office of Student Affairs. Visit for instructions and details. For enquiry, please contact the Counselling and Development Centre of the Office of Student Affairs at or 3411-7435.
You are required to complete an online make-up exercise which is available at

  1. Log in with your usual student ID and password.
  2. You will be put into the “My HKBU Blackboard” page; on the top right-hand corner, choose “Courses”.
  3. Inside a box in the middle, click “UOW1001: Online Make-up Session for U-Life Orientation Workshop”.
  4. On your left-hand side, click “Test for students” on the menu.
  5. Read the instructions carefully, and complete ALL THREE sessions provided by Language Centre, General Education Office and Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning.
You are required to complete an online exercise about research skills. For information, visit:
You are required to attend an user seminar organized by the Office of Information Technology (ITO).Attendance taking procedures:
Schedule of ITO User Seminars:

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Requirement #2
Co-curricular Learning (CCL)

It offers students an array of out-of-class learning opportunities that take in the form of seminars, workshops, campus events, and experiential learning activities which all aim to foster their whole person development. Students are required to complete at least 8 of these learning items before the end of 4th semester of study.

More details and the available CCL activities can be found at For enquiry, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at or 3411-2326.

Freshmen also have the option to join the Freshmen Experience Programme (FEP), which provides a common learning experience that focus on four major themes including psychological competence, responsible citizenship, service leadership and career development knowledge. For details, please visit For enquiries, please contact the Leadership Qualities Centre of the Office of Student Affairs at or 3411-2088.


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Requirement #3
Academic Advising/Mentoring Sessions (6-10 hours)

Academic and relevant support units will organize advising/mentoring activities to enhance students’ success in their university studies. To better cater for student needs, all students are expected to meet with their academic advisors/mentors for at least 6-10 hours in a given academic year.

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Requirement #4
Academic Integrity Online Tutorial (AIOT)

This online tutorial is designed to be an introduction in promoting academic integrity by increasing students’ awareness of the issues involved. Using pertinent cases as examples, the tutorial offers suggestions and solutions to help students recognize unethical behaviours, so that they can avoid committing academic misconduct unintentionally. Students have to work through the tutorial, complete the quiz obtaining a score of at least 80%, and make a declaration.

To access the tutorial, login to the BU eLearning (Moodle) platform and search for the course “ULife1001”. For technical support of this tutorial, please send an email to or call ITO Helpdesk at 3411-7899.