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Over 240 GE courses have been endorsed. Click the categories below to see the course details.

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University English Areas of Learning
University Chinese Arts
Public Speaking Business
Information Management Technology Communication / Visual Arts
Numeracy Science / Chinese Medicine
Physical Education Social Sciences
History and Civilization Interdisciplinary GE Courses
Values and the Meaning of Life
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這一科不但教授如何運用不同的軟件,例如:於網上營運及推廣生意、管理生意伙伴的資料、利用空白表格程式 (spreadsheet) 和數據庫 (database) 處理生意上的資料等,也會教授避免問題發生的知識,如版權、網絡安全等。想創一番事業或是想當經理,這些商業的基本知識是不可或缺的……
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GCIT1005 Essential IT for Enterprises and SoHoAmanda Lama year 1 student from BBA (ACCT)
數學看似很艱深而且抽象,不過Dr. Sun的耐心指導,加上他的幽默教學方式,使不是數學系學生的小弟都對數學產生了興趣,可謂「寓學習於娛樂,寓娛樂於學習」。
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GCNU1016 Mathematics Around UsDennis Lee
This course trains our listening skills through listening to different Chinese popular music, and fosters our critical thinking by examining the meanings of popular music and their relation with different issues…. To learn with this interesting way, we will have a clear concept of Chinese culture and willing to memorize it.
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GCHC1057 Chinese Popular Music: Its Cultural and Musical MeaningsAmanda Lama year 1 student from BBA (ACCT)

This course equips us with practical computer knowledge, ranging from Microsoft Word to Dreamweaver…… It is very easy to follow since the lecturer is friendly and the assistants are ready for instant help……
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GCIT1006 IT for Success in Everyday Life and WorkKaren Mui

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GDSC1006 You and Your HealthEric Hong
This is a good introduction course to SPSS, which is pretty useful for consultancy and analysis. Very useful and practical. Full TextGCNU1006 Discovering Hong Kong by Statistical SoftwareRaymond Cheung

此課程內容包括各種日常實用軟件的教學,例如海報設計、影片設計及剪輯、MS PPT、Excel 和Word等。這些無論對完成課業、文書工作都是十分有用的。另外,老師細心個別地指導同學,使跟不上教學進度的同學感到鼓舞……
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GCIT1006 IT for Success in Everyday Life and WorkYvonne Wong

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GCVM1037 Marriage and Family: Dreams and RealityYan
GDCV1107 Understanding our Life through Chinese PaintingW Y Au
…If you are interested in this course, go ahead without worrying about the GPA because all required study materials are arranged in an organized manner which enhances the efficiency of our revision. The teacher also kindly responds to students’ questions via different ways. All in all, I would comment it as worth-studying course. Not hard even if you are from art stream like me.
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GCNU1025 Numbers Save the DayStacey Yeunga year 3 student from ENG

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