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General Education Courses

Over 240 GE courses have been endorsed. Click the categories below to see the course details.

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University English Areas of Learning
University Chinese Arts
Public Speaking Business
Information Management Technology Communication / Visual Arts
Numeracy Science / Chinese Medicine
Physical Education Social Sciences
History and Civilization Interdisciplinary GE Courses
Values and the Meaning of Life
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This course trains our listening skills through listening to different Chinese popular music, and fosters our critical thinking by examining the meanings of popular music and their relation with different issues…. To learn with this interesting way, we will have a clear concept of Chinese culture an…

GCHC1057 Chinese Popular Music: Its Cultural and Musical MeaningsAmanda Lama year 1 student from BBA (ACCT)

GE Courses

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Communication/ Visual Arts
Science/ Chinese Medicine
Social Sciences
Interdisciplinary GE Courses

Service Leadership Education Courses

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