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General Education Courses

Over 240 GE courses have been endorsed. Click the categories below to see the course details.

GE Courses in Categories

Core Requirements Distribution Requirements
University English Areas of Learning
University Chinese Arts
Public Speaking Business
Information Management Technology Communication / Visual Arts
Numeracy Science / Chinese Medicine
Physical Education Social Sciences
History and Civilization Interdisciplinary GE Courses
Values and the Meaning of Life
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我在此向各位對人類生物學有興趣的同學推介這門課。這門課的內容非常有趣而且與我們息息相關,例如癌症的形成等……這科目由多位老師一起教導。他們各有自己的專項,所以當你對某一個範疇的內容有不明白的地方,任教老師都能夠很詳細地向你講解!…… Full text & Translation
GDSC1006 You and Your HealthEric Hong

GE Courses

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Distribution Requirements

Communication/ Visual Arts
Science/ Chinese Medicine
Social Sciences
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Service Leadership Education Courses

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