Transition courses for the new GE Programme in AY2018/19 only


The following transition courses will be offered in AY2018/19 only for year 1 students under the new GE Programme:

GE Requirements Course Code
Course Title
History & Civilization GFHC1005 European Culture since the Enlightenment
GFHC1006 Hong Kong in World History
GFHC1007 Tackling Popular Misconceptions about Chinese History and Civilization
GFHC1015 The Heritage of Asian Civilizations: Persians, Arabians and Indians
GFHC1016 The Rise of Contemporary China
GFHC1017 Critical Approaches to Hong Kong History Since 1945
GFHC1025 Eminent Figures in the History of Various Disciplines and Professions
GFHC1026 Issues and Controversies in Modern European History
Values & the Meaning of Life GFVM1005 Ethical Controversies in Hong Kong Today
GFVM1006 Freedom in Modern Society
GFVM1007 Globalization and Ethics
GFVM1015 Good Life in a World of Self-interest
GFVM1016 The Art of Thinking and Living
GFVM1017 Virtuous Living in a Virtual World
GFVM1025 Whose Justice? And for Whom?
GFVM1026 Ethics in Business
Quantitative Reasoning GFQR1005 Essential IT for Enterprises and SoHo
GFQR1006 IT for Success in Everyday Life and Work
GFQR1007 Life-long Learning with Information Technologies
GFQR1015 Manage Your Money without Formulas
GFQR1016 Numbers Save the Day
GFQR1017 Smart Decisions
GFQR1025 Business Numeracy

Remarks: From AY2019/20, new courses will be delivered under the new GE curriculum.
Undergraduate students of all study years will be allowed to take those new courses to fulfil their GE requirements.