Students-as-Partners Scheme for Level 1 & 2 GE Courses


The “Students-as-Partners” (SaP) Scheme is funded by the UGC’s Teaching Development and Language Enhancement Grant (TDLEG). It is part of the GEO’s efforts to deliver the University’s aspiration of achieving best student experience.

Starting from semester 2 of AY2019/20, GEO will provide a one-off amount up to HK$30,000 for colleagues to implement SaP in Level 1 and Level 2 GE courses under the new GE Programme. All approved projects should be completed by December 2021.

Guiding Principles

  • Only HKBU undergraduate students are eligible to be student partners
  • The student partners should contribute to the teaching and learning of a GE course as partners rather than student helpers
  • The impact of the scheme should be sustainable

Use of funding

The funding can only be used to support expenses related to the SaP scheme to enhance the teaching and learning of Level 1 or Level 2 GE courses, such as

  • compensation for the student partners;
  • procurement of teaching and learning resources related to the scheme;
  • establishment of an online platform/resource hub/app for the scheme;
  • expenditure for measuring and capturing the impact of the scheme, etc.

The policies and guidelines set out by the Finance Office and the Personnel Office must be followed in the use of funding.

Reporting and Future Development

GEO will work with course instructors to assess and capture the impact of the SaP scheme as a TDLEG initiative, in order to explore continued/ further development in the following ways:

  • Course instructors are expected to have some clear ideas on what measurable course-specific evidence can be used to show the impact of the implementation of SaP in the initial stage; they will be invited to:
    1. provide some additional evidence such as findings and photos, instructor’s feedback, feedback from the student partners and other students, etc;
    2. share with other colleagues their experience in the scheme;
    3. collaborate with GEO to present/publish papers on the scheme if they are interested.
  • GEO staff or helpers will visit the classes and attend the course activities to take photos and collect evidence.

Guidelines and Form

Appointment of student partners: