Moving Beyond the Generic Research Essay: Creating Contexts for Better Learning

Induction Programme for New Academic and Teaching Staff Members Session 3

Even the best curricular models fail if faculty are assigning the same old standard research papers and asking the same old exam questions. This workshop will provide participants the opportunity to explore alternative approaches to assessing student writing (and other kinds of projects and work) in general education courses. More particularly, this hands-on workshop will use an epistemology developed by Danieliwizc and Jack to examine the benefits of “real-world” writing and non-academic audiences. Participants will explore alternative audiences, genres, and project designs that place their students in positions of greater authority, fostering greater student ownership of the course material and their own learning—all while providing instructors and programmes with robust assessment data.

Prof. Paul Hanstedt
Professor of English, Roanoke College

Paul Hanstedt is a Professor of English at Roanoke College, where he directed the revision of a campus-wide general education programme, coordinates the college’s e-portfolio system, and is currently designing a Teaching Collaborative. He is the recipient of several teaching awards, including a 2013 State Council for Higher Education in Virginia Outstanding Faculty Award and the 2014 CASE-Carnegie Virginia Professor of the Year Award. He received a Fulbright to aid curricular revision in Hong Kong, and authored General Education Essentials, a faculty introduction to current trends in liberal education. His next book, Creating Wicked Students, will be published in January 2018.

25 Aug 2017 (Fri)

10:30am – 12:30pm



This event is co-organized with Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning.
For enquiries: please contact 3411 7231.