General Education, Service Leadership and Management

GE Lecture
General Education, Service Leadership & Management

General Education, Service Leadership and Management

The service sector in Hong Kong contributes over 80% of the total employment. To prepare our students to be more effective leaders in their career and community life, it is essential to equip them with competencies and virtues, such as critical thinking and adaptability to problems, besides gaining hands-on skills in this ever-changing environment.

Mr. Chung, who founded the Hong Kong Institute of Service Leadership & Management, has been working with the 8 local higher institutions to develop Service Leadership programmes. HKBU has incorporated the ideals of Service Leadership into our General Education (GE) curriculum. In his talk, Mr. Chung will share his latest thoughts on the philosophy of Service Leadership and how GE makes an impact on the management in the real business world.


Biography of our Honorable Speaker

Mr. Po Chung Po CHUNG SBS, OBE, JP

Co-founder of DHL International; Chairman of The Hong Kong Institute of Service Leadership & Management

Since 2006, Mr. Chung spearheaded the creation of the Centre for Asian Entrepreneurship & Business Values (CASEBV) at the University of Hong Kong, and had taught a course in Entrepreneurship in the years since. In 2008-2011, he helped the placement of 20 Fulbright scholars, who assisted and advised Hong Kong’s 8 higher institutions on the development of their General Education programmes.

Full Biography

8 Oct 2014 (Wednesday)

11am – 12:30pm

Sir Run Run Shaw Building,
Ho Sin Hang Campus, HKBU

All are welcome!



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