GE Courses for AY2015/16

NOTE: The offering departments of the GE courses may make changes to the following offering schedule due to enrollment rate or other reasons. Please refer to BUniPort for the latest list of courses available.
Course CodeCourse TitleIGESem1Sem2
GCLA1005University ChineseS1S2
GCLA1015Chinese IS1S2
GCLA1008University English IS1
GCLA1009University English IIS2
GCPS1005Public SpeakingS1S2
GCIT1005Essential IT for Enterprises and SoHoS1S2
GCIT1006IT for Success in Everyday Life and WorkS1S2
GCIT1007IT and Digital MediaS1S2
GCIT1015IT Innovations Shaping Our WorldS1S2
GCIT1016Life-long Learning with Information TechnologyS2
GCNU1005Beating the OddsS1S2
GCNU1006Discovering Hong Kong by Statistical SoftwareS1S2
GCNU1007Estimating the WorldS1S2
GCNU1015Manage Your Money Withour FormulasS1S2
GCNU1016Mathematics Around UsS1S2
GCNU1017Mathematics of FairnessS1S2
GCNU1025Numbers Save the DayS1S2
GCNU1026Smart DecisionsS1S2
GCNU1027Speaking of StatisticsS1S2
GCNU1035Introduction to Spatial NumeracyS2
GCNU1036Business NumeracyS1S2
GCPE1007Competitive Sport for People with Special NeedsS2
GCPE1015DanceSport - Latin DanceS1S2
GCPE1016DanceSport - Standard DanceS1
GCPE1017Exercise and Sport for People with Special Needs
GCPE1025Fitness and Body BuildingS1S2
GCPE1026Flag Football
GCPE1027Flying DiscS2
GCPE1035Folk DanceS2
GCPE1046Jazz DanceS1S2
GCPE1065Table TennisS1S2
GCPE1066Tai ChiS1S2
GCPE1075Track and FieldS2
GCHC1005China and the Global Economy 1800-2000
GCHC1006Modern China and World HistoryS1
GCHC1007Christianity and ChinaS2
GCHC1015Culture and Everyday Life in Modern China (1840-1949)S1S2
GCHC1016European Culture since the EnlightenmentS1
GCHC1017Gender Issues in Imperial Chinese History
GCHC1025Historical Changes and Intellectual Trends in 20th Century ChinaS1S2
GCHC1026Hong Kong in World HistoryS1S2
GCHC1027Modern Military History: China and the WestS1
GCHC1035Popular Culture in Modern ChinaS1S2
GCHC1036Tackling Popular Misconceptions about Chinese History and CivilizationS1S2
GCHC1037Taiwan: Past, Present and FutureS2
GCHC1045The Heritage of Asian Civilizations: Persians, Arabians and Indians
GCHC1046The Rise of Contemporary ChinaS1
GCHC1047Traditonal Chinese Culture and the Contemporary WorldS2
GCHC1055Music, Society and CultureS1S2
GCHC1056Musical Civilizations of the East and West
GCHC1057Chinese Popular Music: Its Cultural and Musical MeaningsS2
GCHC1065Music, the Arts and Ideas
GCHC1066Paradigm Change of Christianity and Its Impact on Western Individual Cultural and Social Life
GCHC1067Religious Conflicts and Social Harmony in the West
GCHC1075The Power of IdeasS2
GCHC1076The History of CM Development and Chinese CivilizationS1
GCHC1077Understanding the 20th Century Through FilmS1S2
GCHC1085Human Civilization, Cultural Heritage and Landscapes
GCHC1086The Making of Humankind
GCHC1087Collective Memories, Constructed Cultures: The European Museum
GCVM1005Christian Faith and Humanistic Values
GCVM1006Dao and Good Life: Laozi and Zhuangzi
GCVM1007Dao, Ch'an and Personal Freedom S1S2
GCVM1015Ethical Controversies in Hong Kong Today S1S2
GCVM1016Ethics for Professionals in a Multicultural World
GCVM1017Freedom in Modern SocietyS1S2
GCVM1025Give and Forgive: Christian Perspectives S1
GCVM1026Globalization and Ethics S1
GCVM1027Good Life in a World of Self-InterestS1S2
GCVM1035Green Living and Spirituality S1S2
GCVM1036Human Rights in a Multicultural World S1S2
GCVM1037Marriage and Family: Dreams and Reality S1S2
GCVM1045Matters of Life and Death S2
GCVM1046Moral Challenges in Chinese Popular Culture S1S2
GCVM1047Moral Heroes in an Immoral World
GCVM1055Real Sex, Naked Truth: Christian Values in Changing Chinese Societies
GCVM1056Religious Values & Pop Culture S1S2
GCVM1057Romantic Love in Humanistic PerspectivesS1
GCVM1065The "Art of War'' and the Art of Living
GCVM1066The Art of Thinking and Living S2
GCVM1067Understanding Christian Ethics in a Pluralistic Society
GCVM1075Virtuous Living in a Virtual World S2
GCVM1076Whose Justice? And for Whom? S1S2
GCVM1077Wisdom in Chinese Religious Tales and Fiction S1S2
GCVM1085Zen Buddhism and Modern WorldS1S2
GDAR1005Chinese Knight-errant Heroism and the Modern WorldS1S2
GDAR1006Life Style, Chinese Literature, Mass CultureS2
GDAR1007The Review and Outlook of Confucian Culture as Revealed in Korean Television Drama
GDAR1015Understanding Chinese Literature through World Cultural Heritage in ChinaS2
GDAR1016Aesthetics, Youth, Action
GDAR1017Improvisation Comedy for Better Linguistic Awareness
GDAR1025Love Stories and Romance MoviesS2
GDAR1026Food, Culture and SocietyS1
GDAR1027Gender and Culture
GDAR1035Love and Culture
GDAR1036Being a Communicatively Effective Language Learner and User
GDAR1037English in the World TodayS2
GDAR1045Current EventsS2
GDAR1046Experiencing and Exploring Music in Hong Kong
GDAR1047Jazz, Blues and Broadway
GDAR1055Music in the Cinema
GDAR1056Music of Our Lives: Understanding and Enjoying the Musical ArtsS1S2
GDAR1057Chinese Thoughts through Films
GDAR1065Critical ThinkingS1S2
GDAR1066Fantasy, Romance and Religious Quest
GDAR1067Introduction to Western Philosophy
GDAR1075Magic, Demonic Power and Spiritual Quests in the Western Tradition
GDAR1076Sex, Gender, and Chinese ThoughtS2
GDAR1077Understanding Chinese Philosophy S1S2
GDAR1085Intercultural Theatre and Cultural Translation
GDAR1086Intercultural Communication: English & Chinese
GDAR1087Ancient Chinese Medical Prose-Classical ChineseS1
GDAR1805Biotechnology, Altering Nature, and Being HumanIGES1
GDAR1806Cityscapes: Hong Kong Neighborhoods, Urban Voices, and Other Tales of the City IGE
GDAR1815God, Creation and the Evolving Cosmos IGE
GDAR1817Religion in the Development of City Space and City LifeIGE
GDAR1825Religious Creativity and Visual ArtsIGE
GDAR1827Understanding East Asian Transformation through FilmsIGE
GDAR1835Music, Mind and Human ExperienceIGES1
GDAR1837When West Meets East: Modernity in the ArtsIGES2
GDAR1865Service Leadership and Emotional IntelligenceIGES2
GDAR1866Music, Science, and the SublimeIGES2
GDAR1876Psychology of Positive LivingIGES1
GDAR1877Dream Interpretation for Personal GrowthIGES1
GDAR1885Major Themes and Debates in SocietyIGE
GDAR1886Multimodal & Digital Literacies as Artistic & Social BehaviourIGE
GDAR1887Paths to Service Leadership in Health ServicesIGES1
GDAR1897Creative ThinkingIGE
GDAR1905Multiculturalism and societyIGE
GDAR1906Becoming Critically Thoughtful Cyberworld CitizensIGE
GDAR1907Can we Stop Believing in Magic?IGE
GDAR1915Visual Culture in Everyday LifeIGES2
GDAR1925Language and Service LeadershipIGE
GDAR1926Service Leadership and Meaning of Life and Death IGES2
GDAR1927From Responsible Citizenship to Service Leadership IGES2
GDBU1005Accounting for Business DecisionS1
GDBU1006Financial Accounting: Information Generation and UsesS2
GDBU1007Law for Hong Kong BusinessS1S2
GDBU1015Management Accounting: A Tool for Planning and Control
GDBU1016Business EconomicsS1S2
GDBU1017China and the New World Economy S1
GDBU1025Economic Indicators and Business Decisions
GDBU1026Globalisation and Trade LiberalizationS1
GDBU1027Macroeconomic Policies and the Economy S1S2
GDBU1035IT and Society S2
GDBU1036Business Operations and Logistics Management
GDBU1037Exploring EntrepreneurshipS2
GDBU1045Personal Financial Planning S1S2
GDBU1046Understanding Finance
GDBU1047Applied Negotiation Skills
GDBU1055Cross-Cultural Management
GDBU1056Developing a Successful BusinessS1
GDBU1057Developing Effectuve Leadership SkillsS2
GDBU1065Ethics in BusinessS1
GDBU1066Doing Business in China
GDBU1067Marketing and Society
GDBU1075Marketing YourselfS2
GDBU1076International Business Etiquette
GDBU1077Social Entrepreneurship: Opportunities to Change the World
GDBU1085Understanding Chinese ConsumersS2
GDBU1086Understanding the World of Business
GDBU1846Leadership in SustainabilityIGES1
GDBU1847Everyday Physics for Future ExecutivesIGES1
GDBU1855Celebrity and Entertainment BusinessIGE
GDBU1856How Ideas SpreadIGE
GDBU1867Children as consumers: Marketing to the YouthIGES1S2
GDBU1875Uncovering the Stories of BrandsIGE
GDBU1895Digital and Social Media EngagementIGE
GDBU1935Creative EntrepreneurshipIGE
GDBU1936Fashion Communication and MediaIGE
GDBU1937Improving Mental Health for University SuccessIGES2
GDCV1005Film, History, and Social ChangeS2
GDCV1006Film and ControversyS1
GDCV1007Hong Kong Cinema and Hong Kong CultureS1
GDCV1015Television and Popular Culture
GDCV1016Advertising and Society
GDCV1017Communication in Interpersonal Encounters
GDCV1025Communicating Across Cultures
GDCV1026Critical Perspectives on International News
GDCV1027Media Studies in a Changing SocietyS1
GDCV1035News Production and PresentationS2
GDCV1036Writing for Media (Chinese Session)
GDCV1037Writing in English for News Media
GDCV1045'Art' as a Consumable
GDCV1046Aesthetics of the Young
GDCV1047All Arts: Creative Inspiration for Life
GDCV1055Art and Gender
GDCV1056Art AppreciationS1S2
GDCV1057Art for All - Public Art and SpaceS1S2
GDCV1065Buildings of Hong Kong: Appreciating Architecture
GDCV1066Ceramics and Civilizations
GDCV1067Chinese Calligraphy as Self-ExpressionS1
GDCV1075Graphics RedesignedS1S2
GDCV1076Encountering World Art
GDCV1077Essentials of Chinese Art
GDCV1085Exploring DrawingS1S2
GDCV1086From Kitchen to Table: Ceramics and Food CultureS2
GDCV1087Looking at Asian Arts
GDCV1095Object and Heritage
GDCV1096Seeing Through Glass: How It Creates Our WorldS2
GDCV1097Show Off the Art: Value and Desire
GDCV1105Space-saving Creative PracticingS2
GDCV1106Product Design Basics S1S2
GDCV1107Creativity and Chinese PaintingS1S2
GDCV1115Understanding PhotographyS1S2
GDCV1116Wear MeS1S2
GDCV1816Interactive Computing for Visual CommunicationIGES2
GDCV1825Religious Creativity and Visual ArtsIGE
GDCV1826Seeing The World From Scientific and Artistic PerspectivesIGE
GDCV1827Understanding East Asian Transformation through FilmsIGE
GDCV1837When West Meets East: Modernity in the ArtsIGES2
GDCV1845Videogames and ArtsIGES2
GDCV1856How Ideas SpreadIGE
GDCV1875Uncovering the Stories of BrandsIGE
GDCV1886Multimodal & Digital Literacies as Artistic & Social BehaviourIGE
GDCV1896Soundspace Studies and Hong Kong CultureIGES2
GDCV1897Creative ThinkingIGE
GDCV1905Multiculturalism and societyIGE
GDCV1915Visual Culture in Everyday LifeIGES2
GDCV1916The Material Life of Things: The Life Mean and Value of ObjectsIGES1
GDCV1917Aesthetics in Human Movement IGES1
GDCV1935Creative EntrepreneurshipIGE
GDCV1936Fashion Communication and MediaIGE
GDSC1005Environmental Principles and Contemporary Environmental IssuesS2
GDSC1006You and Your Environment S2
GDSC1007You and Your Health S1S2
GDSC1015Coffee with Profs - The Fascinating Science of Everyday LifeS2
GDSC1016Ocean Voyage - Science in the Sea
GDSC1017Science and Technology behind the MoviesS1
GDSC1025Discovering Our UniverseS2
GDSC1026Nano Living: Impact of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
GDSC1027Diseases & MedicineS1
GDSC1035Health Maintenance and Food Therapy in Chinese MedicineS2
GDSC1036Introduction to Medicinal PlantsS2
GDSC1037Invitation to Sports ScienceS1S2
GDSC1045Wellness in Contemporary SocietyS1S2
GDSC1805Biotechnology, Altering Nature, and Being HumanIGES1
GDSC1807Energy, Environment and SustainabilityIGE
GDSC1815God, Creation and the Evolving Cosmos IGE
GDSC1816Interactive Computing for Visual CommunicationIGES2
GDSC1826Seeing The World From Scientific and Artistic PerspectivesIGE
GDSC1835Music, Mind and Human ExperienceIGES1
GDSC1836Creativity 101IGES1S2
GDSC1846Leadership in SustainabilityIGES1
GDSC1847Everyday Physics for Future ExecutivesIGES1
GDSC1857Service Leadership in Action (Health Services)IGES2
GDSC1866Music, Science, and the SublimeIGES2
GDSC1887Paths to Service Leadership in Health ServicesIGES1
GDSC1895Digital and Social Media EngagementIGE
GDSC1906Becoming Critically Thoughtful Cyberworld CitizensIGE
GDSC1907Can we Stop Believing in Magic?IGE
GDSS1005Coping with Life Challenges
GDSS1006Striving for Sustainability: Education About, In, and For the Environment in Various Contexts
GDSS1007Education, Schooling and Society
GDSS1015Interacting with the Past - Museum, Heritage Sites and Cultural Policy in Hong Kong
GDSS1016Internet Identities, New Media Literacies and Ethics S2
GDSS1017Languages in Contact in Hong Kong
GDSS1025Positive Personal Growth and DevelopmentS2
GDSS1027Social Behaviours in Everyday Life S2
GDSS1035Geography, Information Technology and Modern Life
GDSS1037People and EnvironmentS2
GDSS1045Project C: Building a Vibrant Community
GDSS1046Comparative Politics of the CinemaS2
GDSS1047Contemporary World Politics and Global IssuesS1
GDSS1055The World of Contemporary EuropeS2
GDSS1056What is Political Science About?
GDSS1057Critical Approaches to Hong Kong History Since 1945S1
GDSS1065Eminent Figures in the History of Various Disciplines and Professions S2
GDSS1066Issues and Controversies in Modern European HistoryS2
GDSS1067Coping with StressS1S2
GDSS1075Fashion and Society
GDSS1076Food and Foodways in Modern Society
GDSS1085Love, Intimacy, and Identity
GDSS1086Tourism, Culture and Society
GDSS1087Understanding Chinese Society in Hong Kong and the Mainland
GDSS1105Transformation of Self in Contemporary Hong Kong Society
GDSS1806Cityscapes: Hong Kong Neighborhoods, Urban Voices, and Other Tales of the City IGE
GDSS1807Energy, Environment and SustainabilityIGE
GDSS1817Religion in the Development of City Space and City LifeIGE
GDSS1836Creativity 101IGES1S2
GDSS1845Videogames and ArtsIGES2
GDSS1855Celebrity and Entertainment BusinessIGE
GDSS1857Service Leadership in Action (Health Services)IGES2
GDSS1865Service Leadership and Emotional IntelligenceIGES2
GDSS1867Children as consumers: Marketing to the YouthIGES1S2
GDSS1876Psychology of Positive LivingIGES1
GDSS1877Dream Interpretation for Personal GrowthIGES1
GDSS1885Major Themes and Debates in SocietyIGE
GDSS1896Soundspace Studies and Hong Kong CultureIGES2
GDSS1916The Material Life of Things: The Life Mean and Value of ObjectsIGES1
GDSS1917Aesthetics in Human Movement IGES1
GDSS1925Language and Service LeadershipIGE
GDSS1926Service Leadership and Meaning of Life and Death IGES2
GDSS1927From Responsible Citizenship to Service Leadership IGES2
GDSS1937Improving Mental Health for University SuccessIGES2

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