Service Leadership and Career Fulfillment


What is the course about?

Career development is about how to lead a life-career one wants to pursue to integrate happiness, meaning and achievement. This course focuses on promoting a cross-disciplinary understanding of life-career planning and service leadership, drawing implications for personal development as well as applications for serving deprived youth in the community. It aims to offer an informative and accessible guide for students to engage in meaningful service projects during the study and to pursue career fulfilment in future.

Major objectives:
– To use the concepts of service leadership and career fulfilment for vocational/entrepreneurial pursuits;
– To introduce the interdisciplinary knowledge of life-career planning for facilitating career development with particular emphasis on fostering a sense of caring through involvement in serious leisure or hobbies during free time; To help students understand motivation, ethical issues, and meaningful engagement related to caring for others and society so that they can develop their capacity of social responsibility in their future careers;
– To facilitate the self-development of students through a reflection of the new concepts acquired and services provided for achieving work-life integration central to their future career development.

– Development of skills and attributes for becoming a caring leader and a competent team: Interactive learning activities include role plays, simulation games, and workshops in relation to the knowledge and values about service leadership and career fulfillment.
– Application of life-career and service knowledge: Formulating and carrying out feasible service plans as course assignment, i.e. organizing events in NGO settings to serve deprived youth.
– Individual reflective journal and group sharing in both real social world and classroom settings: Facilitating students to see how they grow in leadership competencies and responsibility.

Course Code Offering Dept(s)/Unit(s) Area of Learning Units & Hours
GDAR1977 Career Centre, SA ARTS (3,3,0)
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SLE This is a Service Leadership Education (SLE) course.

IGEThis is an interdisciplinary GE (IGE) course.

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