Improving Mental Health for University Success

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Improving university students’ mental health

Dr. Pan Jiayan, who developed this course with the Counselling and Development Centre, mentioned this course in an interview published on “Eyes on HKBU.”

What is the course about?

In order to maximize the learning and development for university students, it’s essential for them to have effective coping skills and sufficient resilience capacity for stress management. This course is designed to help university students identify stressors experienced in their university life, understand stress process and responses and to better manage their challenges in university life by learning and applying skills of cognitive behavior intervention and adventure training.

This course will be jointly delivered by the Department of Social Work and Counseling and Development Centre, Office of Student Affairs. It consists of three parts. The first part is lectures on basic concepts of university adjustment and mental health of university students, theories of stress and coping, and theoretical framework and models of cognitive behavioral intervention. In the second part, students will be divided into 2-3 groups for skills workshops. A variety of cognitive behavioral skills will be introduced to students and demonstrate how to apply these skills to cope with their university stress. The skills workshop will be conducted in the form of stress management and coping skills training, demonstrations and skills practice. The third part is adventure-based activities, including a one-day camp of adventure training. In this part, various adventure-based activities will be conducted to enhance students’ self-awareness and confidence. Briefing and debriefing will be included in each session to facilitate students’ self-reflection and self-understanding. The second and third parts will be led by experienced counselors and a team of experienced adventure trainers.

This course is characterized by interactive and experiential learning experiences, integration of theory and application, teaching in a small group setting, and focus on applying the skills learned in class to cope with real life issues for students.

What do the students say about this course?

This course really can help to improve our mental health by providing methods and workshops. Many useful skills like CBT and how to identify our own automatic thought were introduced in the lecture.

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Year 4 student from Science Faculty
Course Code Offering Dept(s)/Unit(s) Area of Learning Units & Hours
GDBU1937 SA BUS (3,1,2)
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