Fashion Communication and Media


What is the course about?

Fashion communication is one of the fields of mass communication. Fashion per se, is one of the fundamental ways in which humans communicate to each other about themselves and their desired self-image. It can be used to communicate with masses or with consumer by means of advertisement, promotions, films, videos, print etc.

This course examines the intersection between fashion, media, personal identity, body and image management in today’s society. Drawing on theories of social criticism and mass communication, we will assess the persuasive influence of fashion to consumers’ image. We will also study how those images are created and reinforced by media. This course will assess fashion from different dimensions (such as textual, visual, physical, sexuality, psychological and spatial); and discuss its relations to art, culture, media and marketing; to questions of identity and self-fashioning, body, sex and image; to notions of style and anti-style. Students will learn critical approaches to public communication and apply those approaches to media, marketing communication, as well as fashion and lifestyle industry.

Course Code Offering Department(s) Area of Learning Units & Hours
GDBU1936 COMS BUS (3,2,1)
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