From Responsible Citizenship to Service Leadership


What is the course about?

Citizenship is recognized as an important constituent for civil society and social development. This course aims to develop students’ sense of citizenship and motivate them to influence the community with this spirit through service leadership. Sociological and ethical understanding of responsible citizenship will be explicated with theories and examples in Hong Kong. Through the analysis, the different elements of service and leadership competencies including knowledge, attitudes, values, awareness of service needs, skills, and communication will be introduced.

Service leadership and management reveal that a large part of our lives is spending in service to others. Good citizenship in society unavoidably will be achieved through service. This course aims to equip students with a sensitive awareness of service needs in the community and a good service leadership attitude in terms of good citizenship.

Experiential learning will be emphasized in this course. Besides lectures, real life scenarios will be used for group discussions and role-plays. Community/organization visits will be organized to give students an opportunity to identify the service needs and suggest viable service plans for meeting the needs. After further discussion and planning, students will do service in host organizations. The process of exploring service needs, planning activities, delivering the services according to plan, and an evaluation of the result of the services together with a reflection of one’s attitude and motivation will give the students the first-hand experience of service leadership as responsible citizens. In this course, two values of good citizenship will be highlighted: integrity (anti-corruption) and fairness.

Course Code Offering Dept(s)/Unit(s) Area of Learning Units & Hours
GDAR1927 REL ARTS (3,3,0)
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