Service Leadership and Meaning of Life and Death

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What is the course about?

This course aims to help deepen the understanding of meaning of life through both service leadership learning and in-depth discussion and reflection upon issues related but not limited to death and dying.

It intends not just to offer theoretical and ethical knowledge about meaning of life and death but also to provide hands-on experience with practical application and invite in-depth reflection through fostering learners’ service leadership competencies. In this course, students are trained to develop better understanding of guiding ethical principles concerning meaning of life and death. With the intention to help develop learners’ character strengths and a caring social disposition and service orientation, the students are provided with chances to have hand-on experience through service leadership learning. Simply put, this course does not intend to limit itself to abstract theory and ethical reasoning but also seeks to cover emotional aspects and practical skills so as to help students to be better prepared to understand and to face with matters like suicide, grief, bereavement, loss etc. Also, they will apply their knowledge and skills to clients through designing and implementing service projects so as to help develop their capacity as service leaders. Therefore, practical knowledge and skills drawn from different disciplines such as sociology, social work, psychology etc. will be introduced throughout the course especially service learning to supplement both cognitive, emotional, and service aspects in teaching this course. Such an approach involves philosophical and religious reflection together with practical knowledge and skills borrowed from social sciences, therefore this course is interdisciplinary in nature. However, this course does not intend to deal directly with adversities the learners faced or facing. Students with these needs are encouraged to seek for professional assistance. Rather, this course tries to approach life and death issues indirectly through reflection on theories and concrete cases selected.

To supplement classroom teaching, this course also adopts an experiential approach so that the students could be benefited from providing service to one or two partner institutions helping needy groups in the community. It is expected that through paying visits and offering services, the students can be benefited from these hand-on experience in various ways including reflection on life attitude, strengthening of caring motivation and enhancement of understanding of importance of providing service to the community.

Course Code Offering Dept(s)/Unit(s) Area of Learning Units & Hours
GDAR1926 REL ARTS (3,3,0)
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