Paths to Service Leadership in Health Services

What is the course about?

Service leadership is about providing high quality caring service. Since “the Server is the Service”, the emphasis of this course is on the quality of the server. Through a review of the different care services such as those provided by Christian Care Services in Hong Kong over the past years, and an insight into the ethos behind such services, the different elements of service and leadership competencies including knowledge, skills, values, communication and attitudes will be introduced. Special emphasis will also be on health communication involving healthcare personnel, administrators, the community and the media.In the course students will be given opportunities to put what they have learned through serving in two host organizations to the needy groups in the community.

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What do the students say about this course?

I’m glad that I took this course because I really learnt a lot about service leadership and the service attitudes that we should have when we are serving others, especially when serving the elderly. I learnt to be a good listener for serving the elderly in the future.

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Year 4 student from BBA
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