Service Leadership and Emotional Intelligence


What is the course about?

In order to become successful service leaders, our students can be well-prepared before they take up caring positions in the community. A successful leader must possess abilities to understand self and others, to inspire and build strong relationships and to respond effectively to the situations that one is engaged in. This course thus brings together two significant components of service leadership, namely leadership and emotional intelligence (EI) through the joint expertise of the Social Work Department and Counselling and Development Section, Office of Student Affairs. We believe that to prepare students to become mature, capable and competent service leaders, there are essential knowledge, attitudes and skills to be examined and learned in the areas of leadership and emotional intelligence, and to apply them to real life situations.

Course Code Offering Dept(s)/Unit(s) Area of Learning Units & Hours
GDAR1865 SA ARTS (3,1,2)
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SLE This is a Service Leadership Education (SLE) course.

IGEThis is an interdisciplinary GE (IGE) course.

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