Weight Management and Healthy Living


What is the course about?

In this introductory course, students will be guided to investigate the issue of weight management from a holistic view with regard to physiological, nutritional, and psychological aspect. Students are expected to realize the importance of body composition and its relationship to diseases and health; and to explore and evaluate various psychological and behavioral strategies for an optimal weight management.

This course provides students with essential knowledge and skills in weight/body composition management. The students will also be able to identify various measures in managing body composition toward maintaining a healthy living. Through lectures, discussions/tutorials, as well as practical hands-on experiences, students will acquire knowledge on:

  1. human growth and development,
  2. factors contributing to weight gain and weight loss,
  3. the implications of body composition on diseases and health,
  4. malnutrition and eating disorders,
  5. physical activity and dietary strategies for optimal body composition management, and
  6. methods of assessing body composition, nutritional status, activity status, and behavioral inventory.
Course Code Offering Department(s) Area of Learning Units & Hours
GDSC1967 PE SCI (3,3,0)
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