Discerning Worldviews


What is the course about?

At the turn of the 21st Century there is a plurality of worldviews being promoted and worked out within modern universities and contemporary societies that are often not easily brought into alignment with each other. Consequently, some have argued that the “uni-versity” has effectively become a “poly-versity”, where teachers promote particular worldviews in various courses without any critical attempt to reconsider their claims in the light of other feasible and/or living worldview options.

This course is designed ideally to enhance graduating students’ awareness of these problems, and to work toward their own discernments about how to adopt, reconcile, synthesize and/or critically revise various contemporary worldviews in order to reach a more mature vision of their own preferred and justified account of life. We will welcome all levels of HKBU students who are interested in the course to join, but will emphasize that the course is designed to help mature students consider worldviews that they have already encountered within various courses taken during their undergraduate career.

The process employed in this course will ideally involve lectures-in-dialogue related to a concrete question designated as the annual theme by notable professors from three different academic disciplines at HKBU, and always involving at least one female professor. Otherwise, one professor will lead the class, and invite one or two other professors to offer guest lectures on other worldviews. After each lecture, the lecturer will receive critical and reflective questions and responses from those taking the course, with time allowed in which the professor will seek to respond to those questions and responses. The goals of these sessions will be to reveal basic claims about the nature of life and how humans should live in the light of the conflicts, complexities, and institutional settings which shape so much of our contemporary lives.

Course Code Offering Department(s) Area of Learning Units & Hours
GDAR1965 REL ARTS (3,2,1)
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