Service Leadership Practicum

Arrangement of Placement

What is the course about?

Much has been written about the benefits that can accrue to students who participate in service learning. However, what has rarely been considered is the potential for students to develop their service leadership competencies through service learning.

This course aims to provide students with an opportunity to gain real-life working experience related to service learning and community engagement. Furthermore, this course goes beyond simply “participating in service-learning” by developing students service leadership competencies (including moral and caring dispositions) as they learn to work collaboratively with the community. As well as developing their service leadership competencies, students also become familiar with the political, economic, and social forces that influence the survival and success of NPOs/NGOs, and how the NGO influences society.

This course represents a guided self-discovery learning experience for students. Although the placement, learning outcomes, and supervision are provided to students, within this broad framework students have the responsibility to explore, make the necessary connections, and understand. Under the guidance of both faculty and workplace supervisors, students will work in an NPO/NGO. The placement assignment is expected to take up no less than 120 hours to complete, and would not normally be paid. The exact distribution of the 120 hours is up to negotiation between the student and workplace supervisor. It may be more intensive, or less intensive. The only requirement is that the 120 hours be completed within the duration of this semester course. The distribution of the 120 hours, and the expected nature of the workplace tasks, must be signed off by student, faculty supervisor and workplace supervisor in the course registration form before the practicum commences. During the practicum, the faculty supervisor will make periodic site visits and phone calls to keep in regular contact with both the student and the workplace supervisor.

Course Code Offering Department(s) Area of Learning Units & Hours
GDBU1956 MKT BUS (3,3,0)
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