Creative Entrepreneurship


What is the course about?

The last two decades have seen extraordinarily rapid changes in the political, economic, social and cultural environment in which we live, globally as well as locally in Hong Kong. The rise of the Internet, the emergence of “smart technology”, and the broader phenomenon of “globalization” have led to significant changes in the structure of national economies around the world, and have given rise to concepts such as the “knowledge economy” or the “new economy” to characterise the dynamism of an economic system in which information is the key to the future development.

The concept of creativity has been co-opted as the driving force in this new economy, and was put at the centre of economic and social development; it is the key resource in business innovation, and it makes members of the “creative class” potentially the decisive force in creating successful new ideas, products and/or services.

Nevertheless interpreting this principle observation of “doing business in the creative and cultural sector is the secret to success” is certainly falling short of its implications. Instead – as economist Günter Faltin says – “doing business with an artist’s mind” is probably closer to the necessities of reality. Accordingly this course looks at the possibilities and potentials of doing business creatively, i.e. in new, original and unexpected ways, through a hands-on approach inspired by artistic practice. This does not (necessarily) imply that students will be doing works of visual arts, yet that they will apply the thinking of visual artists to ideas of making business.

Course Code Offering Department(s) Area of Learning Units & Hours
GDBU1935 AVA BUS (3,3,0)
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