Becoming Critically Thoughtful Cyberworld Citizens


What is the course about?

This course will provide the opportunity for challenging discussions and explorations of the complex social and ethical issues introduced by the cyber-world, so that students gain perspectives on how to become responsible cyber-citizens. It begins by providing students a brief introduction to ethical concepts, ethical theories, and critical thinking. Supported by numerous case studies and discussion sessions, AV materials and special seminars and forums, this course covers a wide range of topics including computer security, privacy, intellectual property right, intellectual commons and freedom of speech that would enhance the student’s interaction with and participation in the larger society through the cyber-world. The interesting evolution of the cyber-world or cyber-space from private relationship domains into the unique public arena will be explored. Social and ethical issues including professional ethics, cyber-crime, cyber-law, the digital divide, as well as others introduced by emerging cyber-technologies will be discussed. Particular attention will be paid to the notion that technology is neutral in the cyber-world. Through lectures and discussion sessions, students will develop a critical mind and suitable value perspectives to become responsible cyber-citizen to face this rapidly changing information age and its various emerging technologies.

Course Code Offering Department(s) Area of Learning Units & Hours
GDAR1906 COMP & REL ARTS (3,2,1)
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