Multiculturalism and Society


What is the course about?

Every Sunday, the Central District is transformed into a meeting ground for thousands of Filipino domestic helpers. Outside trendy fashion shops Gurkha security guards remain vigilant. Small shops selling ethnic items can be found in Jordan, Tin Shui Wai, and other neighborhoods. And many Hong Kong residents may have visited one of the many Indian eateries in town. Indeed, South and Southeast Asian ethnic minorities are everywhere in Hong Kong. However, apart from certain stereotypical images, what do you know about them in this city, including their social and cultural histories, ways of living, and aspirations?

GDAR1905/GDCV1905 aims to help students develop critical thinking and gain first-hand knowledge in our multicultural and globalized society. Paying equal attention to theory and practice, course time will be allocated to familiarize students with general concepts and categories useful in ethnic and migration studies; to bring in experts from different disciplines and ethnic communities to share their insights with specific reference to Hong Kong; and to let students have direct contact with local ethnic minorities, under the guidance of lecturers and performance artists with relevant experience, to conduct a community project.

Course Code Offering Department(s) Area of Learning Units & Hours
GDAR1905 HMW ARTS (3,2,1)
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