Digital and Social Media Engagement


What is the course about?

GDBU1895/GDSC1895 aims to provide students with a general overview of key digital and social media tools, and an understanding of how these new media technologies can be used at the individual level for entertainment, occupational advancement at the organizational level for improving competitiveness, and at the societal level for engaging citizens and delivering efficient public services.

This course starts with a brief overview of the history and development of digital and social media, followed by an introduction of the technologies behind these new media. Most of the course content will focus on exploring the applications of digital and social media in four realms: leisure, work and learning, business, and civic and governmental affairs.

Course time will be dedicated to demonstrating the latest, innovative digital and social media applications, investigating issues surrounding the use and impact of new media in the four realms, and highlighting how the realms of entertainment, work, business, and community actions are intertwined with the wider role new media play in individuals’ lives. By engaging students in a variety of in-class and out-of-class activities such as game playing, video watching, case studies, guest talks, and personal blogs, students will develop skills in using and appreciation for digital and social media.

Course Code Offering Department(s) Area of Learning Units & Hours
GDBU1895 COMP BUS (3,3,0)
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