Multimodal and Digital Literacies as Artistic and Social Behaviour


What is the course about?

Language is not just composed of words, but is used together with a rich assortment of graphical elements such as pictures, icons and photos, and more attention is being paid to how visual elements contribute to meaning. Multimodality in brief means a combination of words, visuals ad other semiotic resources to create meanings. Visuals are not limited to pictures but also include photographs, icons, videos, charts, graphs, fonts, space, layout, etc. By introducing students to an integrated framework of “nexus analysis”, the focus of this course is on mediation: how language is mediated by multimodal resources, and how our lives and identities are mediated by multimodality.

The course has the following specific aims:

  1. To introduce how multimodal and digital literacies can be examined in different disciplines including social semiotics, fine art, psychology, communication and
    363 Course Descriptions education;

  2. To examine the interactions of words and visuals;

  3. To examine how to improve digital and multimodal literacies; and

  4. To discuss the artistic, social and communicative implications of digital and multimodal literacies.

Course Code Offering Department(s) Area of Learning Units & Hours
GDAR1886 ENG ARTS (3,3,0)
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