Uncovering the Stories of Brands


What is the course about?

The objective of GDCV1875/GDSS1875 aims to motivate students to think critically on diverse cultural and social issues. This course introduces students to the interplay of brands and perceptions in our daily lives. Emphasis is placed on studying the interwoven relationships among brands communication, society and consumers. The course aims to expand students’ critical thinking through studying various brand stories from historical, social, economic and cultural perspectives. Through different theories and case studies, students will have a deeper understanding of how brands play a significant role in our social and identity transformation. Students are also able to research, analyze, integrate and criticize various brands stories and social development, and further apply the knowledge to their study and professional development.

Course Code Offering Department(s) Area of Learning Units & Hours
GDCV1875 COMS COMM/VA (3,2,1)
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