Children as consumers: Marketing to the Youth


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GDBU1867 COMS BUS (3,2,1)
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Children and youth are future of the society. Due to the prolonged period of education, the position of youth had become increasingly ambiguous. The course aims at introducing the different perspectives and often competing interest among marketers, parents, educators, and policy makers regarding communication to children and youth. The course will begin with the changing concepts of childhood and the position of children and youth in a social context. It continues with the cognitive and affective responses toward commercial communication, as well as development of the understanding of brands among children and youth consumers. Parental and peer influence and the role of marketers and legislators will be explored. Ethical issues considered by media executives, marketers, parents, citizens, and the government regarding children as consumers will be discussed. The course will conclude by examining concerns related with undesirable consequences of advertising to children and youth consumers, such as unhealthy eating, gender stereotyping, and materialism.

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