Everyday Physics for Future Executives


What is the course about?

In this course, a descriptive approach will introduce non-science students to concepts of physics that considerably overlap other disciplines and impact societal issues; the concepts and analyses will enable them to develop well-informed opinions and decisions in business, in public policy-making, in communications, in visual arts, in daily life, etc. Thereby leadership capabilities will be instilled in our students. This course is adapted from a famous GE course given at the University of California, “Physics and Technology for Future Presidents”. It will use HKBU’s iQlickers to immediately gauge the students’ understanding, as well as Peer Instruction developed at Harvard by physicist Prof. Eric Mazur.

Course Code Offering Department(s) Area of Learning Units & Hours
GDBU1847 PHYS BUS (3,2,1)
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IGEThis is an interdisciplinary GE (IGE) course.

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