Leadership in Sustainability

What is the course about?

GDBU1846/GDSC1846 will help develop responsible business graduates who can decipher the importance of leadership practiced by sustainability leaders in the corporate world. The aspects of good practice include environmental protection, good governance, quality and safe product and service offerings, motivational human resources management and proactive stakeholder engagement.This course extends far beyond the classroom. It includes several teaching and learning methods including case studies, mentoring by corporate leaders, field studies, innovative problem solving, experiential learning and descriptive case writing.The objective is to maximize students’ exposure to real leadership cases in driving sustainability. In the process, students will generate intrinsic motivation to delve into the understanding of related issues, develop the right values for ethical and responsible management and be prepared to become change agents. Corporate partnership will be sought so that students can learn about sustainability practice through first hand visits and data gathering for putting together descriptive cases of sustainable practice.

What do the students say about this course?

The course is very practical. I can see the course instructor put much effort to invite guest speakers to share professional insights to us. The best part is that there is no exams. I believe the best learning method is through practical experiences instead of memorizing knowledge.

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Year 4 student from Arts

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GDBU1846 MGNT BUS (3,3,0)
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