Creativity 101

What is the course about?


GDSC1836/GDSS1836 aims at improving student’s studying habits with a more holistic process to open up one’s creative mind. The key is to unlock the right brain power and bridge its intuitive nature with the logical approach of the left brain. This course will employ a broad range of teaching techniques including: The use of Leonard da Vinci principles to improve one’s curiosity level and observation, the use of the art of paper folding and limerick writing to enhance associative skill. To “SEE” the transformation of 3D and 2D shapes will be used to aid visualization. To learn and be inspired from great inventions, business models, discoveries, and patents. Other important topics including: identifying key enabling steps in a complex process, capturing the flash of thoughts and turns them into solid ideas, will also be covered. Lectures will be supplemented with discussions, brainstorming sessions, projects, demonstrations and oral presentations.

Please be reminded that this is a one-unit course. You have to take 2 more credits in order to fulfill the respective Distribution requirement.

Course Code Offering Department(s) Area of Learning Units & Hours
GDSC1836 PHYS SCI/CMED (1,1,0)
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