Seeing the World from Scientific and Artistic Perspectives – the studies of light


What is the course about?

Throughout the centuries and across civilisations, art and science have complimented each other in helping mankind understand our world. Historical figures, most notably Renaissance men such as Leonardo da Vinci in the West and the ancient Chinese philosopher Mozi in the East, but also a good number of contemporary artists whose practice blends art and science, have left a legacy to both disciplines while at the same time demonstrating the intellectual promise of the merging of the two fields.

This course is intended for students interested in the transcendence of disciplinary boundaries. As art and science cover a broad spectrum, and to give this course a thematic core, we will focus on light as an area with special relevance to both fields of inquiry, especially as an illuminating condition for understanding the physical world. Topics covered include the intersection between the art and science of light across time and culture, light and colour, image-making, motion pictures, virtual reality, vision and other senses, as well as the use of contemporary media. Students will acquire a broader understanding of the world from wider angles, and gain trans-disciplinary perspectives for future research projects in the arts or the sciences.

Course Code Offering Department(s) Area of Learning Units & Hours
GDCV1826 AVA COMM/VA (3,2,1)
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