Interactive Computing For Visual Communication

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Media convergence has transformed the computational machine into an unprecedented rich multimedia communication medium with ubiquitous connectivity and interactive capability. This new medium presents endless possibilities with applications full of dynamic contents and rich visual user interface experience. Expertise in both computer science and visual communication are needed in order to fulfill the application demands.This course aims to address these demands and prepare the students with all-around training and skills to master the challenges. Unlike traditional courses which are merely designed for one specific discipline of students, GDCV1816/GDSC1816 offers a unique platform for students without any prerequisites in mathematics, computer programming or visual design to acquire and establish the knowledge necessarily for the challenges.This course introduces high-level programming concepts and approaches visual design on the new medium using approachable and intuitive computational visual building block environment such as Processing developed by MIT.

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Year 4 student from VA
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GDCV1816 COMP COMM/VA (3,3,0)
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