Energy, Environment & Sustainability


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GDAR1807 GEOG SCI/CMED (3,3,0)
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Climate change and the depletion of energy resources are issues of major international concern in the contemporary world. This course aims to introduce the diverse facets of contemporary energy problems and their associated environmental dilemmas, such as air pollution, waste disposal and climate change. The course will adopt several lively approaches designed to enhance the teaching of relevant facts and concepts, from a layman’s perspective. This will focus on the multiple and intricate relationships that occur between energy, environment and sustainability issues. In addition to classroom learning, the teaching will be supplemented by field visits, demonstrations, group projects and debates. The ultimate goal of the course is to allow students to fully understand the subject matter from both the natural science and social science perspectives. Through appropriate real-life examples, the course aims to guide students, in an exploration of viable alternative energy sources and to enable them to embark on a way of life that promotes a clean and sustainable use of energy resources.

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Shan Kao


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