GTSC2055 – Design Thinking and IT Empower Social Innovation

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What is the course about?

This course provides students with information technology knowledge and business concepts in order to drive social innovation, through introducing key concepts of information technologies and business, and using design thinking methodology to motivate students to understand how innovative digital solutions play a role in solving these social challenges. Students will learn the historical and cultural analysis of social challenges, the development and key theories of information technology. They will be provided with an overview of business knowledge, including a review on the relationship between technology, business and social innovation, and an overview of current innovative examples of IT application in social issues. Design thinking workshops will be conducted in order to develop students’ empathy and understanding of social challenges, and lead students to analyse and apply various IT and business theories to design solutions for the society. Students will have a deeper understanding of contemporary social challenges, and gain the knowledge and skills on how to use IT to tackle social problems and design creative innovations.