GFQR1027 – Data Analytic Skills for Your Future Workplace

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What is the course about?

Analytic skills and computer skills are among the top essential attributes that employers seek on a candidate’s resume. This course aims to equip students with these skills that will be essential for future workplaces. This course adopts a project-based approach. Student will identify a daily life problem and go through the data analytic process in projects. Via the projects, students will learn how to collect data, arrange data into meaningful patterns, analyse data to provide useful insights, and present data in a clear and persuasive way so as to support sound reasoning and use data to convince their audience. Students will also learn related analytic skills, practical skills and software tools throughout the data analytic process. In all, on the knowledge side, this course aims to give students an overview of the role and importance of data in real life situations; introduce to students the basic data analytic methods; help students recognize the value and limitations of quantitative data; and raise students’ concern over the security and ethical issues in data handling. On the practical side, this course aims to equip students with practical and software skills to make use of quantitative data effectively to support sound reasoning in daily life and workplaces. After completing this course, students will be able to identify data requirements, use software tools to collect data, process and analyse data, visualize and present data for effective communication.