IT for Success in Everyday Life and Work

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GFQR1006 COMP (3,1,2)
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What is the course about?

GFQR1006 aims to prepare students for the challenges of their everyday life and work by equipping them with practical knowledge and skills to engage in fast-moving information technology. Its main thrust is the incorporation of essential forward-looking IT concepts illustrated with real-world examples and coupled with hands-on experiences in the support of problem solving and creative application of IT. It also provides students an understanding of the various societal issues related to IT, such as security and privacy issues, ethical issues, truth issues, digital divide, and environmental considerations.

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What do the students say about this course?

此課程內容包括各種日常實用軟件的教學,例如海報設計、影片設計及剪輯、MS PPT、Excel 和 Word 等。這些無論對完成課業、文書工作都是十分有用的。另外,老師細心個別地指導同學,使跟不上教學進度的同學感到鼓舞……

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Yvonne Wong


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