Essential IT for Enterprises and SoHo

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GFQR1005 COMP (3,1,2)
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What is the course about?

GFQR1005 aims to provide students first with an overview of the business IT environments from large enterprises to SoHo and then key concepts of information technology, specifically addressing the opportunities it brings to the business world at large, and SoHo startups in particular, as well as how it increases the efficiency and productivity in the workplaces.

It covers topics including e-commerce, network security, intellectual property, etc. Practical knowledge on business applications such as spreadsheet, database and web portal management software will also be stressed.

In this course, students will attend lectures to learn the key concepts of information technology in business world. They will also attend laboratory and problem solving sessions to gain practical skills of various IT tools. Besides, completing small project will consolidate their knowledge on various business applications.

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What do the students say about this course?

這個課程介紹了例如 Word、Excel、Access 等基本軟體中一些不為人知的有用功能,簡單易學,卻能大大提高資料處理效率和文本美觀程度。課程所教授的內容對日常學習及日後工作均大有裨益。

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Tian Geran


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