Marketing and Society

Course Code Offering Department(s) Units & Hours
GDBU1067 MKT (3,3,0)
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What is the course about?

Marketing does not operate in a vacuum and as such it impinges on all sectors of society at a macroeconomic, firm, and individual level. Marketing is often lambasted for being reckless and socially irresponsible. Misleading advertising, predatory pricing strategies, physically dangerous or tainted products are just some examples of marketing activities that are, by, some, considered to be a reasonable means of making money.

To counter socially reckless marketing activities, GDBU1067 aims to introduce non-business students to the fundamental concepts of socially responsible marketing (SRM). By taking a critical reflection on the nature of marketing practice, the course explores the interrelated areas of corporate social responsibility, marketing ethics and social marketing. The effect of marketing activities on a broad range of societal constituencies is considered, and how these marketing activities can be used in a positive way to generate advancement and well-being for the global society. The role of social responsibility in the marketing process is also considered in terms of the roles and responsibilities of consumers, manufacturers, and Government.

While this is a self-contained course with assessable intended learning outcomes, it is also hoped that students will emerge from the course with a renewed sense of the importance of socially responsible marketing, and carry this sense with them into their personal lives as consumers and/or corporate employees.


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