Macroeconomic Policies and the Economy

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GDBU1027 ECON (3,3,0)
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What is the course about?

GDBU1027 is designed to help students understand the two most important features of our macro-economy. First, it helps students understand the sources of economic growth. Second, it helps students understand why the economy does not grow smoothly, but with cycles of economic expansions, recessions, and disturbances.

Based on all these introductions, this course further helps students understand the roles played by government’s macroeconomic policies, which include both monetary policies and fiscal policies. It helps students evaluate these policies’ effectiveness and potential impacts.

Finally, and most importantly, it helps students well prepare themselves when they face economic booms and slumps in their future lives.

What do the students say about this course?

聽到「量化寬鬆」、「央行收緊銀根」、「金融海潚」便會覺得頭痛?…… 經濟與我們息息相關,想知道這些政策、情況對我們有什麼影響嗎?這門課讓我們了解這些政策蘊藏什麼意思,把經濟和我們拉近。

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T. S. Au Yeung


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